Dear Swimmers / Parents / Carers and friends

Sadly we have needed to make the decision to stop all swimming lessons from Monday 23rd March.

We are coming under some pressure to decide on a day to close down swimming under the heading of ‘no unnecessary social contact’ even though we are aware that the schools are still undecided and that many local clubs and other swimming lessons are still operating, while we were waiting to be led by the facility directives we now feel that maybe we need to divert towards the interests of a ‘social obligation’.

This is a fast changing situation, and we are sorry we are not able to give more notice however we feel that this is the right decision to finish our lessons on Sunday

We will keep you informed via emails with updates on when we expect to be back next term, term dates and fees.

Susy will pop two credits onto everyone’s fees against next term, and any leavers please remind us you are not coming back so we can settle up with a BACS payment.

So no more swimming from Monday 23rd March, and our last swim is on Sunday at Moor House.

Keep safe, have a good break and we are all looking forward to seeing you next term.

Julia Marsh

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