Our Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct – Parents, Guardians and Swimmers

  1. Parents / guardians to exercise care when accessing swimming pool buildings – particularly carparks where moving vehicles are present. Please use walkways where provided and ensure that children are adequately supervised.
  2. Parents / guardians are requested to remove outdoor shoes or use blue overshoes (provided by some venues) when accessing the poolside.
  3. All swimmers should wear swimming costumes / trunks for sessions. Long / Board shorts should not be worn. Some of our venues require swimming hats and these must be worn.
  4. Swimmers and parents/ guardians to observe and obey all signage around the poolside area.
  5. Parents / guardians should control the behaviour of the swimmers before / after sessions and of the siblings throughout the duration of the session.
  6. Swimmers and parents/ guardians may not enter the poolside area until an Aquarius SC teacher is present.
  7. The use of mobile phones are not permitted in the changing rooms.
  8. Parents/ guardians should ensure that all required medication is bought to the session.
  9. Parents must accept that during sessions our teachers and helpers are required to handle the children for the purposes of supporting them in the water or moving limbs to convey correct stroke techniques.
  10. Parents may only enter the changing rooms to assist their children in changing if they are under 8 years old or have SEN requiring extra assistance. In this instance, correct gender changing rooms should be observed by the adult.
  11. No photos may be taken of any swimmers during the swimming sessions. This is to safeguard all children.
    We have a strict policy on photography.  If any person wishes to take pictures of their family swimmers, the photographer must ask permission of the Lead Teacher.  

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