Lessons and development

As swimmers learn and develop we encourage and mark their progress in both swimming skills and distances using Swim England, RLSS and STA national awards. This framework provides a comprehensive lesson development guide for our teachers.

Each swimmer receives an individual record card to mark his or her own progress — we want swimmers to feel pleased with their development as well as having fun while they learn.

Read our National Plan for Teaching Swimming parental guide. See our syllabus for badges.

We start our classes with Adult & Child (following first inoculations) called Adult and Child in our weekly timetable. Once children are happy to let their carers go, we are happy to have the children swimming without their carers in the water, and then take individual swimmers and non-swimmers from approaching four years old.

At the beginner level we have in-water assistant helpers in water shallow enough to stand in, before moving on to deep widths. At this stage, we emphasise swimming technique and water confidence rather than distance.

Once swimmers have good technique and strength, we move them on to lengths classes.

As the learning progresses, we begin to introduce other aquatic activities in class, like water polo, synchronised swimming, diving and lifesaving.

IS there any literature I can read on the NPTS?

I’ve just come back from our first swim and I am absolutely blown away!

Dhilan, who has been so anxious about swimming he has been waking up in the middle of the night in tears begging not to have to go and having nightmares about drowning, has come home happy and asking when his next lesson will be. I am still completely shocked at his confidence and progress in just one lesson.  I honestly cannot put into the words how grateful I am to the amazing team at today’s lesson, particularly the young lady who looked after him today.

Equally, Nikhil came out of the pool out of breath having swam for the duration of the lesson (a new but positive experience for him and for me!). He too is excited for his next lesson.

Once again, thank you so so much – I only wish I had contacted you sooner!!


I just wanted to write to let you know that the boys have been doing really well at their Limpsfield class on a Saturday morning and the teacher Selina has been fantastic. In a few short weeks of swimming with her they have both really improved, the classes give them lots of opportunity to practice which is great. They are both starting to have a go at swimming without floats, the classes are managed really well which has helped to give them the opportunity to progress and gain confidence to do so.

Thank you so much for keeping us updated as much as you can. I’m so disappointed that you are having to close again. It really has been such a rough ride for businesses like yourselves and my heart goes out to you. It must be awful having to stop lessons again after you’ve worked so hard to get the new routines up and running.
As a family, we really appreciate everything you’ve done to get going again and look forward to a time when you can restart safely. Thank you all for all of your efforts. 

Just wanted to say thank you for all of the measures you are putting into place at Warlingham for swimming. It is really clearly set out and we feel very safe attending lessons. My two kids were a bit nervous about coming back to swimming. We are hoping that Moorhouse opens soon but until that point, Warlingham has been fab. Thanks as well for finding space for them so they could continue.


My boys love swimming with Aquarius! My oldest started as an absolute beginner, petrified of swimming, he’s doing lifesaving now. I highly recommend them. They’re brilliant.


Just to say a big thank you for the last few weeks. Clara has settled into swim lessons with no problem and your team is very professional with their setup and engagement. So thank you!


Thank you to you all, the standard of teaching is second to none and each and every individual involved in this club needs to be very proud of themselves.


So pleased with the persistence and patience of the teachers at Warlingham pool. My 6 year old has confidence in the water and enjoys going to class each week!


We just returned from our first class and it was absolutely fantastic! The children really enjoyed it, despite being very nervous to try somewhere new. I’d love to sign them up for the term.


As I have said, James’ swimming has improved so much in the last year, but more so his enjoyment which as much as anything has made it worth the while taking him. Thank you for this.


Jacob loved the lesson on Saturday so we’d love to come for the rest of the term.

Can I just say, we have been to a few different swim schools with varying standards however I found Aquarius to be really well run and it was so refreshing to have a higher ratio of staff to kids who were all attentive and engaged with the kids!


Freddie and Jack have truly loved their lessons and we feel they both have come on so well since the lockdown restrictions finally lifted.

My two have been swimming with Lucy for almost two years now on a Saturday at Moorhouse. They’ve learnt so much and swim fantastically . They’ve really enjoyed the life saving skills that they’ve done as well.

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the teachers, they were so good with the children. In particular, Lisa was lovely with Robin while she was assessing if the classes would be suitable for him‎. Both boys would like to continue with the swimming lessons.


Aquarius has been a fantastic club for our two children and I cannot thank you and the team enough for creating a safe and fun environment for Max and Phoebe to learn. 

Brilliant swimming club! Lisa is fantastic with my children, I highly recommend.


Just wanted to say thank you for all your help getting my girls on to the right lessons. They absolutely LOVE coming to Warlingham for their lessons so was exactly the right decision.

We love the pool and your young swim coaches are a credit to you. I was impressed with how well they worked with the children.

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