Syllabus for badges

This list is a guideline and where possible we keep to this sequence. The skills are balanced, yet we are aware that all swimmers develop at different stages; so teachers have the option to make decisions in the best interests of their swimmers and some badges may not be completed — this is to enable swimmers to move through the syllabus steadily. The Badges in BOLD are the benchmark badges.

Beginner 1
SaS Badges
Alpha steps 1, 2, 3
Duckling 1, 2, 3, 4Stage one
Duckling 5

Stage 2
5m, Tadpole 1, 2<

Stage 3
10m, Tadpole 3, 15m, 25m
Poolfrog 1, 2

Stage 4
Poolfrog 1, 2

Stage 5
50m, 75m

Stage 6
100m / 200m

Stage 7
200m / 400m

Bronze Challenge
Stages 8 – 10
Lengths 3
Personal survival 1,
400m, 600m

Silver Challenge
Lengths 4
800m, 1000m
Stage 8 competitive
Personal survival 2Gold Challenge
Lengths 5
1500m +
Stage 9 competitive

Post Gold Lengths
Stage 10 competitive
Stage 8, 9, 10 diving
Stage 8, 9, 10 water polo
Start Rookie possible
(this group are to offer ‘tasters’ in other spheres of swimming)

Survive and Save Lifesaving Awards Programme for 12 + yr olds
The awards are progressively structured into three levels:

Leading to the DISTINCTION award
Each level has a CORE Element, which is followed by 4 stands:

To run concurrently with the awards above for 16+ yr olds

I’ve just come back from our first swim and I am absolutely blown away!

Dhilan, who has been so anxious about swimming he has been waking up in the middle of the night in tears begging not to have to go and having nightmares about drowning, has come home happy and asking when his next lesson will be. I am still completely shocked at his confidence and progress in just one lesson.  I honestly cannot put into the words how grateful I am to the amazing team at today’s lesson, particularly the young lady who looked after him today.

Equally, Nikhil came out of the pool out of breath having swam for the duration of the lesson (a new but positive experience for him and for me!). He too is excited for his next lesson.

Once again, thank you so so much – I only wish I had contacted you sooner!!


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