Teachers Charlotte, Cathy and Kate took 22 swimmers to Southwater, West Sussex to join the Surrey RLSS in a day of swimming in the cold murky waters of the boating lakes. We very much admired the hard work and stoicism of our swimmers who despite the cold environment of the water waded and walked through duck and goose poo to simulate rescue situations, while their parents and supporters watched from the sunny shores of the lakes.

On Saturday 28th June, twenty-two of us made our way down to Southwater Country Park to take part in the RLSS Survive & Save Still Water training weekend.  On the way there, I got a phone call from my friend explaining that due to the pelting rain the course had been cancelled for the day. However, Sunday was all about the sunglasses and the suntan! As we arrived in the warmth I couldn’t wait to get into the lake and cool off. Little did I know just how cool it would be! It was great to put everything we had learnt poolside into practice and it really helped me to see why we learnt what we did, even if we did get some odd looks from the general public as we screamed for help and whipped off our shirts before dramatically throwing them and towing in our friends to safety. Overall, it was a great day and I feel much more confident with saving someone’s life and being more prepared to be able to look after myself.

Lucy Farrelly


Open water swimming was a nice day out. It was fun to meet and swim with people from other groups who we didn’t already know as it made the lifesaving more realistic.

Hollie French


It was cold and murky but I learnt how to apply all we had been taught during the pool lessons. It was good to meet new people and the hot chocolate was very nice!!!!

Elsie Miller


It was a great experience. The lake was cold, however getting a worthwhile qualification from it was amazing!

Becca Laing


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