National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers & Coaches (NRASTC)

A 12 hour course, also known as ‘The National Rescue Award For Swimming Teachers and Coaches’ and is designed for teachers and coaches of swimming. This course covers the Health & Safety Management of swimming lessons and includes lifesaving, first aid and resuscitation techniques.

Candidates must be 16 years of age or over and be able to swim 20 metres on the front and 20 metres on the back.

Course details


This is an assessment in practical lifesaving skills that may be needed by anyone teaching or coaching swimming or another programmed or structured activity in a pool. It is endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association, The Institute of Sport and Recreation Management and The Institute of Swimming Teachers and Coaches. The award is also recognised in ‘Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools’ as being appropriate for those supervising swimming pool programmed activities.

Topics covered

Section A — Theory

  • Risk Assessment and Pool Hazards
  • Pool Safety Operating Procedures
  • Class Management & Safety
  • Emergency Action / Response / First Aid
  • Awareness of Suspected Spinal Cord Injury Management

Section B — Life Support — Adult and Child

  • Initial Assessment
  •  Action for Vomiting
  • Recovery Position
  • Adult CPR
  • Child CPR

Section C – Water Rescue

  • Poolside Rescue
  • Water Rescue – Non Contact and Contact
  • Rescue Breathing in Water
  • Recovery of a submerged pupil
  • Stabilisation of suspected spinal injury
  • Emergency Action

Section D – Life Support – Baby (Optional Endorsement)

  • Baby CPR


Section A is an oral assessment, or by agreement with the Trainer a written paper may be used. Two questions on each of the topics must be answered.

Sections B, C and D are by practical assessment with the candidate being asked to demonstrate relevant skills. For this teachers will wear normal poolside teaching / coaching clothing (a minimum of swimwear, T-shirt and shorts / skirt).

Sections A, B and C are compulsory, but may be assessed on separate occasions providing the final assessment takes place within 28 days of the first.

The award is valid for 24 months.

Additional depth test – where a teacher requires endorsement for a deeper retrieval depth subsequent to the original assessment, any Independent NRASTC Trainer Assessor may endorse the award form, having seen a successful retrieval of a rescue manikin.

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